While I never expect gifts (good company is more than enough!) Any surprises are always treasured immensely. Here are a few of my favourite things if you do feel like spoiling me:

Black Milk Clothing - Size S (I especially love their dresses and skirts)

Lingerie (Bra 10D/32D, Bottoms 8/Small) - Lonely Label, Baby Likes to Pony

Drinks: Fruity Ciders, Champagne, white wines, whisky with diet coke

Other - Lush CosmeticsTawapa Jewellery (necklaces and bracelets) 

Gifts Cards - Black Milk Clothing, Myer, David Jones, Tawapa Jewellery

I have an account on Wishlistr where I also add things that catch my eye from time to time

I am currently in the process of covering/fixing my half-sleeve tattoo, and I would absolutely adore both donations for my laser treatments, and paid time with my tattooist. If you would like to help sponsor some of my tattoo work please let me know. (You'll be in my very special books for sure!)